Easy Fun Module (Worksheets made by a Grade 2 Student)

Because of the pandemic, the delivery of learning in our schools has shifted. From face-to-face instruction, schools are employing other learning modalities such as online learning to continue education. My daughter is a Grade 2 student in one of the public schools here in the Philippines and she’s currently enrolled in the Modular Learning Modality. Modular Learning Modality is the delivery of teaching and learning by providing self-learning modules to students, which they read, understand, and answer on their own or with the help of an adult at home. There are concepts provided, some exercises for practices, and a formative assessment for every module. Each week, a student is given 1 module per subject.

However, since there is no teacher to explain the concepts during the time when the students study, there are times when it is hard for them to understand what is written in the modules. Personally, my daughter would complain from time to time because she finds some of the modules difficult. I sometimes would not validate her concern and just tell her that it’s easy. But she was already complaining a lot so one time, I asked her what makes an easy module for her. She took pieces of paper and wrote some things. After which, she showed her output and told me, “This is what an easy module looks like!”

I was amazed on what she did so I decided to convert it into a real module! Here’s a sneak peek on what’s inside the 9-page module that I created using Canva.

You can download this module from the link below and have your child take a break and do something easy instead!

Easy Fun Module for Kids

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