At first, I really don’t know the exact reason or purpose of why I started this blog but what I really wanted is to have a tiny space for myself to write about small successes and share information to teachers like myself. My first post was actually in January 2014 and in that post, I just shared a Teacher’s Guide (which can actually be found everywhere). Lousy, right? Hehehe. My next post came 5 months after and that gave me a “spark” on where I wanted my blog to be.

3 years after.

On February 15, 2017, I joined an action research summit and the opening speaker was Fr. Rene Tacastacas, SJ, Vice President for Academics of Xavier University-Ateneo de Cagayan. One of the things that he said that struck me the most was on being a credible teacher. He said (not in verbatim):

To be a credible teacher, you do not just know the content and how to deliver it. To be a credible teacher, you must be able to share the scholarship.

It was in that line that being a teacher-blogger and this website’s purpose became clear to me.

I want to be credible. I want to share the knowledge God has bestowed upon me. No matter how small the idea may be, no matter how simple it may be, who knows it might be relevant and helpful to others. Right?

Happy Teaching!



Roxanne H. Fuentes is an Education Program Specialist in the Department of Education, Philippines. She worked previously as an Elementary teacher for 11 years.

Her previous work experience includes teaching Grade 4 English and a self-contained Grade 1 class in a public elementary school. She also taught 1st, 2nd, and 5th Graders in a prestigious university in the Philippines with Mathematics as a subject area. She was also a trainer for Mathematics quiz bees and a Math club moderator/adviser. After working hours, she tutors and provide remediation to “less-skilled” learners and emergent readers.

Aside from teaching, she also worked as a content and article writer, proofreader and layout artist online through the website Upwork. She is also very active in organizations such as the Junior Chamber International-Philippines to which she became Vice President for Community on her local chapter in 2013 and the Google Educators Group in Cagayan de Oro as the community manager. Her hobbies include reading, writing, layouting, editing, and video editing. She writes on her website: https://thepublicschoolteacher.com



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  1. Hi Roxanne!
    Thanks for dropping by The Filipino Teacher.
    Great to see more Filipino Education bloggers around 🙂
    You have such a distinguished background. Looking forward to learn from you 🙂
    Founder, The Filipino Teacher

  2. Hi ms roxanne. Desperate move nato. I need kasi the psd file ng brigada layout kasi need magpaprint today. Ok lang po ba makahingi?

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