Download: Possessive Nouns Scavenger Hunt

Are you looking for a fun and interactive activity for the lesson on Possessive Nouns? Try playing the Possessive Nouns Scavenger Hunt using the downloadable worksheet below. Don’t worry, it’s for FREE! Plus, there’s a…

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Download: Covid-19 Comics (1 bond paper only)

If you are looking for comics about Covid-19 which you can give to your students, you may download one from the link below. One of the nice things about this file is that you will…

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Interactive Online Quizzes on English Lessons

Hello, students and teachers! Over the last few days, I was very busy creating interactive learning materials, both online and offline. I created some online quizzes that will serve as review for some English Lessons….

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ESP Story Quarter 1 Week 1 – Roniel LakasLoob

If you are looking for an audio-visual material for the stories in ESP that can run offline or without the internet, here’s one for you.Roniel Lakasloob is the first story for the subject ESP –…