Ranking for Promotion to Teacher III (Experience and Actual Portfolio)

If you are a public school teacher in the Philippines, one of the ways to get promoted from Teacher I to Teacher III is to undergo a ranking process. For one, it’s not necessary to be a Teacher II first to be promoted to T-III. You can jump from T-I to T-III for as long as you have the necessary requirements.

For ranking, this usually happens when a Teacher III item becomes available because of a natural vacancy (e.g. When a Teacher III retires) or when new items are being opened. In the video below, I personally shared how I went through the process and got myself promoted to T-III. I’ve also shown the actual portfolio that I submitted during the process.

Note: All that was discussed in this video is based on personal experience. It may not be the same with the experience of others. To get to know about the guidelines on the ranking process, it is still best to read the DepEd Order on this.

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