Tutorial: How to Remove Background in Pictures using MS Powerpoint

Here’s a quick step-by-step process on how to remove background in images using Microsoft Powerpoint:

You may watch the video tutorial or follow the steps below.

  1. Insert an image to a slide.
  2. Click Picture Format tab (for O365) or Design tab (for other versions of MS Powerpoint).
  3. Click the image.
  4. Click Remove Background.
  5. Choose whether to Mark Areas to Keep or Mark Areas to Remove. Note: All the areas highlighted in purple means these areas will be removed.
  6. If you choose Mark Areas to Keep, click the areas of the image which you will retain. Once clicked, these areas will go back to its original color.
  7. Once done, right-click the image.
  8. Click Save Picture As.
  9. Save the edited image to a location in your computer.

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