How To Make A Perfect Essay Writing In 6 Steps

Delivering the perfect essay worthy of maximum note is the dream of every student who will take the entrance exam, especially for those who are going to take the National High School Exam. However, for this desire to become a reality, it is not enough to know how to use spelling and grammar correctly – it is necessary to know the subject and know how to argue about it. 

This is because the textual genre charged in this type of exam is the dissertation-argumentative – opinion text, which is structured in the defense of a point of view on a given topic, through argumentation.

Thus, it is clear that to write good texts, it is essential to have the habit of reading, to use language standards and writing techniques to deliver a textual production that impacts the reader and is easy to understand.

Knowing that putting this into practice can be complicated for many students, we decided to set up a step by step so that you understand how to make a perfect essay writing for the entrance exam. Check out!


One of the biggest mistakes made when writing a dissertation is that, because he does not know the subject matter in-depth or because he is unprepared, the candidate runs away from the topic. This ends up reducing your chances of approval, since, when escaping the theme, 50% of the grade is lost.

To get away, he said, read the proposed topic carefully, write clearly and objectively about the topic and its consequences and remember to present a simple and accurate solution at the end of the essay writing.


A perfect textual production comes from good planning. This means that to write a good essay, you need to form a kind of skeleton of the text. To do this, you must choose an approach to the topic, list the arguments you will use to defend your thesis and write down the ideas you have on the subject.

So don’t forget to:

  • identify the theme;
  • define the thesis to be defended;
  • outline the defense bases, that is, the arguments that will support the thesis (use three arguments);
  • develop a good intervention proposal.


When starting to write the draft of the essay, it is interesting to leave the grammar aside and be more concerned with the content. Focus your attention on the organization of the ideas present in the text, as they need to be interconnected and make sense.

To do so, use the structure of the dissertation-argumentative to organize your text in three blocks:


In the first paragraph, you must present the theme and the outline you will make of the subject. At this point, it is essential to be direct and concise. The thesis should direct the reading and expose the starting point of your reasoning to the reader.


In the development, you will defend the thesis exposed in the first block of the text. For that, he will present 3 consistent arguments that justify his thesis.

This part is one of the most important. So be clear so that the reader understands your perspective on the subject.

At this point in the essay writing, it is legal to reserve a paragraph for each argument – so your text will be organized and you will be able to better address the aspects of each argument.


In conclusion, you must return to the ideas announced in the introduction, along with the main arguments that confirm what was exposed by the thesis, ending the debate in question.

In addition to resuming the text and the argument, you should also create an intervention proposal for the problem proposed by the bank. Remember that, to be efficient, this proposal must arise from the items already raised throughout the essay writing.


Now that you’ve laid out all the content, it’s time to organize everything you’ve written down in text. To do this, follow the structure proposed in the previous topic and align the information until the entire wording is coherent and cohesive.


For many students, writing is a nightmare. And it only gets worse when it comes to revising a textual production during the entrance exam. This is because candidates are nervous and worried about the time of the test.

Therefore, we decided to set up a mini-review guide so that you don’t despair any more during the race. Here’s what you should do to deliver a top ten essay writing:


Some words make your text verbose, tiring and that end up hindering the understanding of the ideas exposed by the writer. To end this problem, it is essential to revise the wording and eliminate words that do not add value to the content.

In this sense, it is important to note that substitutions are also welcome. The expression “nowadays”, for example, can easily be replaced by “currently”, making the text more objective and making it easier to read.


Do you remember when primary school teachers said that stories need to start, middle and end? Well, your writing too. Therefore, when reviewing what you have written, make sure that there are no loose ends in the content and that all ideas are interconnected. If you notice a lack of cohesion, make the necessary changes to make everything clear to the reader.


When the writer repeats the same sentence structure many times in the same text, the reader gets bored and sometimes believes that his production is not credible. To get away from it, it is essential to use synonyms and bring examples that explain your point of view.

It is also worth merging direct and indirect phrases. However, care must be taken when merging, because if the technique is not used well, it can make the writing confusing.


With a lot of reading and training, you can more easily understand which words were used in excess in your text. Therefore, when writing your essay, do not forget to avoid repetition of words, prefer to use antonyms, synonyms and other ways of expressing yourself.


Finally, the last step of an essay is: make it clear. Remember that this is the text that will be corrected by the entrance exam. So, respect the limit of minimum and maximum lines and do not put information outside the correction area, right?

Now that you know how to write a perfect essay for the entrance exam, just train your writing to get closer to winning the long-awaited approval!

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