Sakay! Lakbay! Salakay! A Fun Game To Teach A New Lesson

Sakay! Lakbay! Salakay! (Ride! Travel! Conquer!) is a fun, interactive game to teach any kind of lesson. I actually found this game in my Araling Panlipunan (Grade 4) Teachers’ Guide (Kudos to the one who created this game!) and I just made a variation to it so it would be suitable to my lesson and the classroom set-up that I have. I will give an example below on how I used it to one of my lessons and at the end of this blog post, I also have suggestions as to what other kind of lessons you can use this game as well.


Example Lesson: Teritorya at Sobereniya ng Pilipinas (Territory and Sovereignty of the Philippines)

My lesson on Araling Panlipunan (Civics) is on Territory and in order to start this lesson, I used this game.

  1. I let my pupils write on a piece of paper a country they know aside from the Philippines. After they did this, I asked them to spread around their papers on the floor and let them sit on their papers.

2. Sakay! (Ride!). If I say “Sakay!”, all the pupils will have to sit to where they are standing.

3. Lakbay! (Travel!). If I say “Lakbay!”, all the pupils will walk and go around the classroom (as if they are traveling from one country to another).

4. Salakay! (Conquer!). If I say “Salakay!”, the pupils should look for country (a piece of paper on the floor) and stand on it (as if they conquered that country). The pupils who would not be able to stand on a piece of paper are now out of the game. 

Repeat the process while gradually decreasing the number of papers (countries) on the floor until there will only be few pupils left on the game. These pupils will then be called “Conquerors” as they win the game!

Other Lessons To where you can use this game:

  • Spelling. Instead of countries, you may write correctly spelled and misspelled words on paper. The pupils who who will be standing on misspelled words will be out of the game.
  • Computation. Instead of countries, you may write sample math computations on the papers. The pupils who will be standing on a piece of paper after “Salakay!” will have to answer correctly the math problem on the paper.
  • Verbs. Instead of countries, you may write some verbs on the paper. The pupils who will be standing on a piece of paper will have to act out the verb that is written on the paper.

I will continue to update this blog post and write some suggestions here if I discover anything. If you also have ideas you can share as to how teachers can use this game, please feel free to leave a comment below and I will add your suggestion to this blogpost.

Happy teaching!

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