Organizing Learning Materials

Last week, we had an in-service training in our school for a week since it was a semestral break. At the last day of the training, we were told by our administrators to prepare instructional/learning materials for the upcoming grading periods. I immediately thought about how to organize my instructional materials since it has been a struggle to store materials in the classroom. Ever since I started teaching, I would easily forget where I put the learning materials because everything just gets mixed up with all my other stuff in the classroom.


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After thinking about it, I decided to put the learning materials in brown envelopes and put labels (codes from the curriculum guide, objectives, and the procedures on how to use the materials. In that way, I can easily find the learning material that I need whenever I deliver a particular lesson. I will simply look at the codes/objectives in my daily lesson log and look for the corresponding envelope from my files.

My administrator even gave a good feedback on how I organized my learning materials.

Any other ideas on how to store and organize instructional/learning materials? Leave a comment below.

Happy teaching!

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