Lesson Idea on Values Education: Pagtanggap ng Puna (Accepting Criticims)

Teaching values to kids might somehow be difficult but with fun and engaging activities, it becomes easier. Recently, the lesson in our Values Education subject was about Pagtanggap ng Puna (Accepting Criticisms). It’s one of the lessons that are difficult to teach since, in reality, we get hurt when we receive criticisms.  I was thinking about what kind of activity we can do in class to make it more realistic, but at the same time, one that is easy to process and kid-friendly.

Glad that I found this lesson idea on one of the Values Ed books in my classroom. It is through the use of paper fans and a simple sing-along activity.

Here are the mechanics to the activity:

*Before doing this activity, make sure to orient the pupils on what they are about to do. Assure them that the activity will only be used as a springboard to the lesson and that later on, you will discuss why they needed to do the activity.

  1. Each pupil will make a paper fan. They will have to write their names in the concealed part of the paper fan.

2. All the pupils will form one big circle and by singing a song, the pupils will then pass the paper fan clock-wise.

3. Once the song has come to an end, each of the pupils will open the paper fan. Once a pupil reads the name of the owner of the paper fan, the pupil will write a word/phrase that describes the owner of the paper fan. It can either be positive or negative and they can choose to either write their name on the paper or not.

4. Repeat steps 2-3 several times.

5. Once the activity is done, all the paper fans will be submitted and these paper fans will be distributed back to the owners. Each of the pupils will read the descriptions written on the paper. They can opt to share in class or not.

The most important part of this is that after the activity, make sure to process the outcomes.

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