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Have you ever had a student who has been absent for consecutive days or weeks? It becomes a problem to us as teachers, right? And the responsibility is thrown back to us and we are challenged to do something about it. One of the solutions that the Department of Education has indicated to be effective in making students come back to school is the conduct of Home Visitation. That is basically making us teachers visit our students in their homes. By home visitation, we get to know more of our students and their families on a more personal level.  We are able to connect and converse with the families, especially those who don’t usually visit the school. We are able to see for ourselves the situation our students are at. By this, we get to understand more and develop empathy towards our students.

There are many ways to conduct home visitation but as a starter, there are several forms which are readily available that we can use. I wrote a sample letter to the principal asking for the permission of the home visitation. I also found two home visitation forms online. For the purpose of easy access, I placed the forms on one folder which you can download on the link below.

I hope this helps. Happy teaching!

Click this link:

Home Visitation Files

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