The Teaching Profession LET Review

THE TEACHING PROFESSION is a 3-unit course of the new teacher education curriculum. This course attempts to give a comprehensive view of the teacher’s roles, rights and tasks to enable the teacher to make informed decisions and create reasonable ideas.

The lessons on this subject are also part of the professional education test that will surely come out during the Licensure Examination for Teachers (LET). Recently, I was invited to conduct a review on this subject for pre-service teachers and incoming LET takers. For those who would also like to review on the subject, I created a very short practice test and a powerpoint presentation which you can download on the links below.

Feel free to download the materials and send me a feedback by posting a comment below. Hope these materials will help you pass the LET!

LET REVIEW Teaching Profession 2015 QUESTIONNAIRE

LET Review Teaching Profession 2015 PRESENTATION

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