Review: Eskewalahan Planner 2015

I have been an advocate for the use of technology, I encourage people especially teachers to go paperless, and to make use of technology’s full potential in helping us carry out our everyday tasks. Personally, I have been using technology and online tools to help me manage just about everything in my life. I use a money tracker app, calendar app, docs app, among others.

But there is one thing I cannot really let go of and  that is the use of a hardbound planner. I have been using organizers and planners since I was a student. That time I still don’t have my own computer, I only have a “call and text” mobile phone and I don’t have a personal access to internet. Everything I need to be reminded of, I wrote them down. So even if I’m now a “tech fan”, I still use a very handy dandy planner. Plus, it pays to have a back up of everything just in case my gadgets would no longer work.

C360_2015-01-17-07-12-03-110I have used different kinds of planners before and for this year, I have come across this very cute planner which is very relevant for Filipino students and even for Filipino teachers like me. This is only good for Filipinos since most of its texts are written in Tagalog. For this year, I will be using the Eskwelahan Planner.

For a very cute and colorful planner like this, it is also very motivationalfunctional and cheap. These are the three qualities I always look for in a planner. For P495.00 which you can buy online, it is very useful.


Click on the gallery below to know the features of this very awesome planner. Hope you like it!

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