Reflection: LEGACY: What does your life say about them?

“Our true legacy will not be found in jobs completed or titles earned, but in the lives of our children. If they faithfully obey as Abraham did, then we will know the joy of Terah. If they scheme and fight like Jacob and Esau, then we will endure the mixed legacy of Isaac. We can’t guarantee that our physical and spiritual children will turn out well, but we can determine the legacy of our own mothers and fathers.”

The question is: Whose life includes you? What does your life say about them?

Today, I have reflected on the questions above and two things came into my mind. Personally, I believe that in one way or another, we are an output of something that was done in the past and that we can actually influence what happens in the future.

First, as many people know, I grew up in a “broken” home and because I have learned to become independent at a very young age. As early as my primary years, I have understood our family situation and I tried my best not to be a burden especially to my mom who worked hard to give us a good living. Now that I’m older, I can say that my mother raised me up well. I certainly believe that I’m making my parents proud of what I have become and what I’m doing. I may not be the perfect daughter to them but I’m doing my best to ensure that my life will turn out well and that I’m accomplishing what they want me to be. This is my parents’ legacy in my life.

Second, I realize that I have so much influence to a lot of people especially that I’m a teacher. Since my students are the future of the generation, it is my hope that I’m able to create a positive impact in their lives that would make them better citizens and leaders in the future. It is my prayer that they will grow up well because I know that somehow, I have an impact to what they will become in the future. If I see them again 20 or 30 years from now, I hope I’ll be able to say that I have done the right job and that I have done it well. This is my legacy to my students.

How about you? Whose life includes you? What does your life say about them?

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