Event: Money Matters

As a teacher, I have learned that a lot of my colleagues have debts and loans. Some even loan just to pay for more loans. It is a reality experienced by some, if not most, teachers because of varied reasons.  I, for one, felt the need to make a loan from a bank before to build our home. Back then, I didn’t see the value of savings and investments before making big purchases and loans. This year, I decided to be wise and started to educated myself with regards to investments so that I will be able to experience Financial Freedom.

If you are somebody who would like to be “financially free” as well, avail of this very good opportunity to learn how to save and invest money wisely.

As professionals, we should also be wise not only in working with our respective jobs but also in handling our finances. Everybody wants to be debt-free and rich, so why not learn from the experts?

This seminar also includes a Cashflow board game wherein participants will be able to get an idea of the flow of their incomes and expenses.

Be educated because Money Matters!

Details in the poster below. I’m sure this is going to be a good start-up investment.



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