Incorporating technology in class with minimal resources: Is that possible?

In the public schools here in the Philippines, we are not provided with technologies that we need for our classrooms. We are only provided by the basics like the green board, chalk, tables and chairs. The scenario is that if we wanted some materials or equipment in the room, we source it out, look for sponsors or ask help from parents and stakeholders. This is the reason that as much as I want to integrate technology in delivering my lessons, there is a limit because the technology I can provide as a teacher is not enough for the number of students that I have (presently, I have 44 students in a class). I have met teachers from other countries and I envy their modern classrooms.

However, I also believe that if there’s a will, there’s a way. With my personal laptop and portable internet connection, I am still able to provide a venue for students to experience learning using technology. What I do is I group them having smaller number of students and the group take turns in doing the activity in my laptop. While waiting for their turn, the other groups do something on their chairs as preparation for the activity. The photos below show a group working on google docs.

True enough, the students get excited and when they do the activity, they become more focused, attentive and participative. In fact, some students couldn’t wait for their turn and would attempt to take a sneak peek on the activity. 🙂

It is just my hope and wish that in the future, the government will provide computers and internet connectivity in the classrooms here in the Philippines. This would entice and motivate students to come to school and learn from the class.










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