Playing “a Google a day”

There’s something that I enjoy playing in the internet right now. It’s “a Google a day“. It’s a game wherein the player will have to answer a set of questions with time limits each. The faster the player gets to answer the questions, bigger points are earned.

If you are a teacher and you create questions the same as what we read in “a Google a day”, you are really giving a hard time for students to look for answers even in Google Search. That means, you are giving some kind of a higher-order thinking question and students cannot simply copy-paste the question to the search bar and get the results the students wanted. In “a Google a day”, the questions are tricky that players will have to analyze what is really being asked in the question and that means, using Google Search a couple times to get the answer. This is more challenging if the topic or question is not something that the player (or student) is familiar with.

For me, this is really a good learning opportunity for teachers. This is a good venue for us to practice answering challenging questions. It is also a venue where teachers can learn how to create tricky and higher-order thinking questions as well.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, try playing at



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