Lesson Idea: Breakfast Mobile

Lesson: Healthy Food for Breakfast

Activity: Breakfast Mobile

My lesson on HEALTH was Healthy food for Breakfast and I got this idea from my co-teacher Flora Michelle Hojas to have my students create their breakfast mobiles to help them remember the lesson. They enjoy doing the activity too. This is a good mnemonic device especially when they see the mobile at home. In fact, one of my students told me she hanged her mobile near their dining area for her parents to see. She must have been proud of her work!

1. Printed pictures of food for breakfast – Provide each student with printed pictures of healthy food for breakfast. Give 2 copies per photo to be glued together (back to back)

2. Crayons/Any coloring material – They will need to color the pictures if you cannot provide them with colored ones.

3. Yarn – Insert the yarn to the pictures glued together.

4. Popsicle sticks – Create a square or triangle using the popsicle sticks. Tie the yarns in the popsicle sticks

5. Glue/ Paste and Scissors 

(Pictures of  the materials on the gallery below)




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