Things I learned from the Google Teacher Academy #gtasea #gtasea2014




It has been a week since I attended the Google Teacher Academy and became one of the Google Certified Teachers across the globe. It was a”heavy-duty” 2-day training on Google Apps for Education. I’ve learned so many things and I would like to share to you the 3 things that I value the most during the intensive two-day Academy for champion teachers. Hopefully, this will inspire you to aspire to become one too.


1. Collaboration. There is really power in collaboration. It’s awesome to know that there are a lot of teachers in this world that embody the value of collaboration especially in the profession that they are in. I’m happy that I’ve met these champion teachers, especially the #TeamKwekKwek, who came  from different countries and learned a lot from their experiences and expertise. In the activities that we did in those two days became easy and successful because everybody worked collaboratively with each other to finish target goals. This value of collaboration must be emulated in our institutions and schools. There are so many things that can be done with a number of great minds and passionate individuals working together.

2. Technology. For the two-day training that we went through, it gave me a different perspective in terms of technology. We don’t want technology to become outputs but as tools for us to be more productive as teachers and individuals. There is so much we can do with technology now than before. The internet can provide us almost everything that we need and Google is there to make sure that information is organized and accessible by us. Schools and academic institutions will benefit a lot if they would embrace technology, especially the Google products and services which are mostly FREE.

3. Passion. I have attended a lot of seminars and training before but it was in Google Teacher Academy that I met teachers who are just so passionate in what they do, that even if they are the only ones who do it in their schools, they just continue to do it because they believe that it is the best. The teachers were all burning with passion in making positive changes in their educational communities. I am inspired to be as passionate as they are as I continue my work as an educator.


There are a lot of amazing things in Google Teacher Academy and I just hope that we will be meeting more Google Certified Teachers in the future. Thank you Google for the amazing opportunity!

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