News: Globe launches Global Filipino Schools Program in Cagayan de Oro

Globe Telecom is championing 21st century learning and integration of ICT in education by introducing its Global Filipino Schools (GFS) Proram. The said program is a long-term educational initiative which will foster ICT integration in the public schools. This program will allow teachers and students access digital content  through the Globe Mobile Laboratory package which will make learning more exciting and engaging. Each grade level of a beneficiary school will receive a package which includes a set of netbook, moblie projector, printer and sound system. Through its partnership with the Deparment of Education, Globe will also provide training of teachers in integration technology in education.

10505312_10152312614008513_8156144785117826024_nLast August 8, 2014, Globe had a ceremonial turn-over of the 1st mobile laboratory to the 1st Global Filipino Schooll in Cagayan de Oro, the City Central School. With the mobile laboratory, Globe will also provide a superior online connectivity for the teachers to access a wide variety of educational resources available in the internet.  The school will also become a teacher training hub on ICT excellence in the classroom, for the entire division.10395808_10152312606903513_4743213650773516249_n


Photo Credits: Mr. Michael Ecoben of City Central School

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  1. Hi Miss Teacher,

    This is a great news, now the schools have a new equipment’s that could help the teachers make their teaching method raise to a new standard.

    Thank you for sharing this article.


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