Lesson Ideas: Skip Counting

There are a lot of activities can do to teach the concept of skip counting. Let me share some of the things I did to teach the concept.


1. Skip Counting Train

I let the students discover and guess the next number by the drawings and I open it to confirm their answers.

This is one of the materials I created at the last minute. So, you may improve it using stickers, cutouts or 3D pictures.


2. Arrange Yourselves

Same as what I did with Counting Numbers, I had 10 pupils pick up a number and they will have to arrange themselves in descending order. The students really like it. 🙂

If you have time, you may have other set of 10 students  to do the same thing.

Skip Countiny by 10s

Credit to my co-teacher Ma’am Remy Velez for making  and for letting me borrow the “Numbers on Flowers”. 🙂

3. Skip Count Train Worksheet

I was able to download the following worksheet and I used it for the students to learn skip counting.

The output on the 2nd photo is from one of my students



4. Youtube Videos

These are just some of the videos I used to reinforce the lesson:


You may also use these ideas to teach Skip Counting by 2s, 5s, and so on…

Happy Teaching!!!! 🙂


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