Worksheet: Missing Numbers 1-10

I really like this worksheet I got at a website I found while searching at Google. The first time my students saw the worksheet, they were amazed by the “snakes”.  As you can see, there are missing numbers on the each snake’s body and the students are to fill in those missing numbers 1-10 and backwards.
Because I still had time, I let them color the snakes. That’s Math and Art in one! 🙂 The kids love doing it. 

Note: I forgot where I found the worksheet but if you happen to own the worksheet, please let me know so that you’ll be acknowledged. Thank you for sharing this on the web too. It’s a great help for teachers like me. 

If you happen to be a teacher like me who would like to get hold a copy of this worksheet, please let me know and leave your email address on the comments section below so that I can send it to you for free.

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