Color, Cut and Paste Activity for Sinugbuanong Bisaya Letters Ss and Tt

My pupils really enjoy learning when I involve them with activities that allow them to color, cut, and paste.

As my evaluation for letters Ss and Tt, I followed the following procedure:
1. Prepare a worksheet divided into 3 parts. The first part would be on writing the letters. The second part is a two-column table (one column for Ss and another for Tt). The last part would contain pictures black and white of objects with names that starts with Ss and Tt.
2. Instruct the pupils to prepare crayons, scissors, and paste.
3. Tell the pupils to color the pictures first. Allow them to identify the names of the objects.
4. Let the pupils cut each picture and if the object has a name that starts with Ss, the pupils should paste the picture on the Ss column. If the object starts with letter Tt, they should paste the picture at the Tt column.
5. Have them write the letter Ss and Tt for practice.

Duration: 1 hour

Note: The worksheet in the picture is in sinugbuanong bisaya. If you wish to get a copy of the worksheet, please comment your email below. I’ll sent it to you for free.

Happy teaching!!!

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