Teaching numbers with shapes

Materials needed:
1. a “bingo shapes” card (see photo)
2.  flashcard for each shape (folded)
3. glue
4. crayons

Today, my lesson in Math was on the number 4. For the past few days, my students can already identify and count the first three numbers. I used the following simple yet enjoyable time-on-task activity for kids. It does not only develop the skill of counting numbers but also the eye-hand coordination and coloring skills of the kids. This is also a good review for identifying different shapes.
1. Distribute the bingo shapes card to each students. Tell them to paste the card to their notebooks. Assist students who need help with the glue.
2. Hold the flash cards of shape and fold them in such a way that the kids could not see the shape drawn in each card.
3. Ask the pupils to get the red crayon and raise them.
4. Once you have seen that all the students were able to raise the red crayon, call one child to select a card (the ones that you folded) and let him/her show the card to the classmates. Ask “what shape can you see?”
5. Assuming that the child selected the heart shape, then say “color all the heart shape in your card red”.
6. Once the children are done with the coloring, tell them to count the number of hearts. Expected answer is 4.
7. Repeat procedure #s 3 to 6 but use different colors for different shapes. Make sure to let the students count each shape after coloring to emphasize the number 4.

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